R.D. Scinto Has A New Look

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R.D. Scinto has grown beyond just the man.  The R.D. Scinto represents a brand with a vision and a sense of purpose. The same great mission, only with a fresh new look. Partnering with one of our tenants, York & Chapel, we felt that it was time to rebrand our company.  The marketing agency helped…

Day of Caring 2014: June 19th, 5 pm

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The Valley United Way Corporate Volunteer Council is aiming to get local companies in the 5-town region to address the growing concern of food insecurity of Valley-based children during the summer months.  

$15,000 Raised to Feed Children during Day of Action

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Each year near the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the United Way rallies communities around the world. This year the Valley United Way and local companies along with Valley schools helped address the lack of meal benefits for Valley-based children. We celebrated in a spectacular project known as “Give a Duck” at…