$15,000 Raised to Feed Children during Day of Action

R.D. Scinto works hard to make it easier for you while you work. On site cafes in many of our buildings provide fresh, quality food.

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The more productive your company is, the more profitable your company will be—it’s that simple. That being the case, smart companies are always focused on doing what they can to increase productivity. For many businesses, productivity-focused investments usually look like investing in new tools and technologies, training employees on new processes or approaches, and paying…

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Here is a list of the 2019 events: May 8: Auditorium Lunch and Learn Training Event RSVP HERE May 6 - 10: Vendor Fair (1 Corporate Drive, Mezz) May 21 - July 9: Nights With Shakespeare - Tuesday nights at 7pm (visit www.nightswithshakespeare.com) June 27: Happy Hour At The Towers August 29: Labor Day Picnic…

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Meet Bob Scinto

We could tell you all about the man behind R.D. Scinto Inc., but we rather you see for yourself.

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Proudly displayed in many of our properties, we wanted to share the great things that happen inside (and outside).  See for yourself…

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Problems are fixed before they are even noticed. We are meticulous about the cleanliness and security of the buildings and grounds as well as the comfort of your employees.

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