The RD Scinto Approach to Office Security

For businesses to reach their full potential, employees, data, property, and other assets need to be safe and protected at all times. RD Scinto understands this perfectly, which is why security is a top priority at every building in the Scinto portfolio.

RD Scinto buildings are staffed 24/7 by security professionals. Around the clock, the RD Scinto security team monitors all properties and buildings using a state-of-the-art video surveillance system and mobile unites. The CCTV system includes more than 250 security cameras.

“We have nine 45-inch flat screen monitors in the lobby that show roughly 90 of those video feeds for public viewing,” explains Dave Thomas, who’s served as director of security at RD Scinto for the last 14 years. “While that delivers a wow factor to tenants and guests, the point of the system is security. If someone wants to do harm to or at a Scinto building, they’ll realize there’s a lot of video being recorded. And if something does happen, we call up the corresponding video to research events and determine what happened.”

The RD Scinto security team is 18-people strong. Each member of the team is experienced in security and works various shifts to ensure that tenants’ offices stay protected all year long.

“We have a security kiosk in the center of our 1 Corporate Drive building that’s manned 24/7,” Thomas explains. “We also have four mobile units that go to various buildings, making sure everything is as it should be.”

In addition to security experience, Thomas says he hires professionals who have the “right attitude, interests, and perspectives.”

“Working security at a Scinto building is much different than most security operations. For example, at a mall, your skill set might require you to be fast to run down and tackle a shoplifter. At Scinto, our security team is welcoming of our tenants and their clients. This is a hi, how can I help you? Kind of team.”

RD Scinto’s Key Security Differentiators

It’s one thing for a commercial real estate company to simply say they care about security. It’s quite another to live and breathe security and bake it into the foundation of the entire organization.

RD Scinto prides itself on its industry-leading approach to security. Here are some of the key differentiators that set the company apart from its peers.


1. Mobile units

Part of our security team moves from site to site throughout the day to make sure everything is operating smoothly. Our mobile team is also prepared to provide vehicle starting assistance if a tenant or employee’s car won’t start at the end of the day.

2. Access controls

One of the major security differentiators at RD Scinto properties is the fact that our security team limits access to ensure only authorized individuals come inside.

While certain buildings are free to access during the day for everyone, most buildings are not.

Access to RD Scinto buildings is controlled electronically from Security Headquarters, and our team can lock and unlock doors with the push of a button. If we hear of an issue at a building, we can limit access or go into lock down mode, in cooperation with local authorities, whatever helps to ensure tenant safety.

At the same time, tenants are given access cards and control over the level of permissions each of them have. For example, some tenants opt to let their employees get into their offices with the same cards they use to get into the building, while others opt for multiple layers of access control.

3. Security escorts

We have never had a related incident, however, if a tenant is concerned at night or for any reason, they can give the security team a 15-minute notice that they’ll be walking to their car soon. One of our security officers will escort them right to their car, giving them peace of mind.

4. Emergency notification buttons

Tenants will find emergency notification buttons on each level of all of the parking garages on RD Scinto properties. If an employee runs into a problem, they can simply hit the button, and the security team will be notified immediately. The button won’t be shut off until a member of the security team physically shuts it off at the location the call originated.

5. Fire drills

Each year, mandatory fire drills are conducted at RD Scinto properties so that tenants know what to do in the event a fire or other emergency breaks out at one of our properties and requires evacuation.

6. Employee termination support

When you’re forced to let an employee go, things can get a bit hectic in certain scenarios. RD Scinto offers employee termination support where a member of the security team is standing by in the event the situation needs to be diffused. Our team is trained to be non-confrontational whenever possible. But help is standing by if it’s needed.

7. Crystal clear communication

The RD Scinto security team communicates early and often to let tenants know when something is amiss. The company uses an Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) to inform tenant senior management of any major situation that could affect use or access to their offices (loss of power, HVAC issues, fire, Police activity, etc.). Accurate and timely information that can assist you in the Business Continuity Decision Process. We use pre-scripted messages to get the word out fast, or we can craft a customized message. EMNS is not new to RD Scinto as it was installed more than ten years ago!

EMNS is our communication link to our tenants in the event of an emergency.

Internally, the security team uses smartphones to stay connected throughout the day. “We eliminated radios a few years back because they were not dependable,” Thomas says. “All of our people have smartphones, which are very reliable. Plus, every member of our security team has the ability to get photographs from incident scenes instantaneously.”

8. A CEO who prioritizes security

Some commercial real estate CEOs might care more about the bottom line than the actual security of their tenants. Bob Scinto, however, puts safety first. He doesn’t hesitate to invest in the latest security tools and technologies that enhance the tenant experience and keep office space and company assets protected.

“When I need something for the security operation—whether that’s new technology or new equipment—very rarely if ever am I turned down,” Thomas says. “It’s phenomenal for me. I put in a request and justify that request, and it’s approved. It’s that simple.”

RD Scinto Security: Service That’s Second to None

At RD Scinto properties, tenants can expect to find a security team that’s more like a concierge.

“We often get follow-up thank yous and comment cards that point out how nice the security team is,” Thomas concludes. “Most of the time, we don’t hear anything—which tells me that our team is doing their job day in and day out.”